Timespace Technology

Recorders for policing and transport

Timespace Technology design and manufacture recorders for the police and transport industries. All of their recorders come compatible with LANLink and PCLink for footage reviewing.

The LANLink system is designed to provide both automatic downloads and a health overview for a number of Timespace Digital Video Recorders.

The DVRs may be connected either permanently or intermittently via LAN, WLAN (wifi) or 3G/4G IP network.

Each time a unit comes into contact with the LANLink system, the service log is interrogated to determine its health. A traffic light system is used to display the current status of each unit and a file list of recorded files is gathered from the DVR so that files can be selected for downloading.

LANLink Snapshot

LANLink is a MySQL database-driven application with a web-based front end that can be accessed using any web browser.

Video footage can be played back in any web browser, simplifying the process of viewing and sharing recordings.

Vehicle GPS tracking is included. CAN vehicle engineering data can be included via Timespace’s CANLink units. Live CAN data can also be viewed over 4G.

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