Bus or Coach

Bus or Coach

Bus or Coach CCTV

When protecting your bus there is recommended industry equipment

Well-maintained and optimally performing vehicles is one way to ensure passenger safety whilst operating your bus, however, CCTV systems protect your passengers, drivers and other road users whilst also reducing your insurance costs and meeting safety requirements.

Over the last decade, we've fitted thousands of vehicles with full CCTV systems whilst on the production line as well as retrofitting and upgrading old systems. SURE Transport is a known name in the bus and coach market with many of our customers being tier 1 and 2 operators all across the UK.

The systems we supply are some of the industries leading technology including popular brand names such as Timespace, Stortech and even our own range SURE MDVR.

Our engineers operate all across the UK and are available for fitting out entire fleets including one of our biggest customers, Go-Ahead, in which we are fitting out/servicing 5,000 of their buses. (winning the contract) (more info).

 As well as buses we also supply coaches and HGVs with our customers including Doigs, Marshalls and Plaxtons.

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