Small Vehicle or Van

Small Vehicle or Van

Small Vehicles or Vans

Protect your van, car or taxi from the unknown

With typical van space, most fleets would only require a four-channel DVR recorder capable of having four cameras connected. If more cameras are needed for greater coverage then you can upgrade to an eight-camera MDVR recorder that uses analogue HD quality.

In smaller vehicles, we often recommend using cab cameras such as the ST815 or AHD cameras such as the D056AHD and the D057AHD. The D057AHD offers 850nm infrared recording.

Ideal Amount of Cameras

The ideal amount of cameras would be between 3-5 for a van of this size. Ideally, you'd want one camera on the rear of the vehicle, one on the front and one protecting the goods being transported in the van.

The optional extras could be either mounted on the sides of the vehicle or positioned facing the driver to ensure they weren't distracted at the time of an event, such as a crash. 

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