Heavy Goods Vehicle

Heavy Goods Vehicle

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV)

CCTV equipment you need for your hgv

With a heavy goods vehicle, it can vary massively on how many cameras are required for the vehicle. Some customers may want no more than four cameras and others may want to run six for maximum vehicle coverage.

The MDVR range can support up to eight cameras with the MDVR8 supporting eight analogue HD channels. 

The most popular camera we supply to large vehicles is the D056-AHD dome camera, this product offers IP67 weatherproofing with flush mounting and wedge mounting options for complete protection from vandalism and wet weather conditions. This makes the camera perfect for external fitting on a heavy goods vehicle however it can also be mounted internally in the storage area for protection against theft of the goods. For more information on the D050 series, click here

The HGV driver's cab and the rear storage of the vehicle are often fitted with a more compact cab camera. The benefit of using the cab cameras is that the footage recorded is captured in high-definition and is easily connected to our MDVR range for quick installation. This means you are able to identify people entering and exiting the vehicle as well as monitoring the driver's behaviour whilst operating the HGV.

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