Alarms Over 120dB

Another Reason for an Attacker to Run Away

Loud Noises Could Prevent Serious Harm

These alarms are set to over 120dB. To give you an idea of this volume, a plane taking off is roughly 120dB and considered dangerous/painful if close to an ear. 140dB is the hearing threshold, this is extremely dangerous and similar to a gunshot, which again if sounded directly into someone's ear could be damaging to their hearing. Please use these alarms responsibly

Our gas alarms are 138dB and similar in size to a small deodorant can, for something smaller that still packs a punch, our SG390s are 120dB and can be attached to a lanyard or are small enough to easily fit in your pockets. All of the alarms on this section are over 120dB so take a look and if you have any questions about these then simply give us a call on 01949 836990.

We want everyone to feel safe at all times of the day, we are offering 20% DISCOUNT on our SG390PK, SG390BK and SG800T alarms. Use code STAYSAFE20 offer ENDS 31st July 2021

SG800T - UV Gas Alarm

  1. Trident 3 in 1 alarm, sound, smell and UV tracer for identifying assailants
    £8.16 £6.80
    • 138dB Alarm Siren
    • Sound, Smell and UV
    • Unpleasant Smell
    • Simple Button Press Operation

    • UV Spray Mixed with 138dB
    • Personal Attack Alarm

SG390 - Attack Alarm

  1. Cordless Personal Alarm - SG390BK - Black
    £6.07 £5.06
    • 120dB Alarm Siren
    • Pressure Activated
    • Squeeze Sides for Activation
    • Ebony Colour
    • 5 Year Guarantee
    • CE Certified
    • 75mm x 40mm x 12mm
    • Perfect for Lone Workers
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