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SURE SG800T TRIDENT 3in1 Personal Alarm Silver

Gas Personal Attack Alarm Aerosol Lock Down Cap 138dB Siren Neat Compact Easy to Operate Ideal for Security Guards Night Watchmen Etc
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Unique 3 in 1 Gas Alarm produces sound, smell and UV

The unique Trident Attack Deterrent with three simultaneous functions. Specially designed so that upon activation it produces an ear-piercing 138 decibel sound output and also releases a repelling odour and an ultraviolet tracer.

Upon activation an ear-piercing 138 decibel sound is emitted which acts as both a means of disorientating the assailant, and as a shout for help. Also an unpleasant odour and particles of ultraviolet tracer are discharged from the actuator in a radius of 40cms in front of the Alarm.

The repellent odour acts to discourage the attacker, and leaves a distinguishable smell on the attacker's skin and clothing which are also marked by the ultraviolet tracer, leaving no obvious mark except when it is exposed to an ultraviolet light source such as those used by the Police.

The Trident Personal Attack Deterrent has been designed to operate at any angle, even upside down. The lock-down facility on the actuator allows continuous operation even if dropped to the ground.

Why should I use a Personal Attack Alarm?

Personal alarms are a great way to increase your personal protection and safety. They have proven to be a useful tool time and time again.

If you carry a personal attack alarm it does not guarantee that you will be free from harm. However what an alarm does give you is an improved chance of escaping the danger before the situation escalates.

It is important to choose a personal attack alarm that you feel comfortably carrying

Pleases note: if you are purchasing a gas alarms from outside of the UK, we recommend contacting us before a purchase is made, as some countries have a strict customs policy with regards to gas alarms.

Additional Information

Dimensions 105 x 37mm
Alarm Siren 138 dB
Alarm Activation Single Button
Approvals British Standard BS6800:86, BS5750 Quality Standard, EC Directive 89/336/EEC, EC Regulation 3093/94EC, Euro Directive 3093/94 - Aerosal Propellants
Alarm Weight 65g
Torch No
Belt Clip No

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