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SURE SGGFT SureGuard Personal Alarm with Torch Black

Personal Attack Alarm Strobe Effect Independent Torch 135dB Siren Key Ring Attachment Mounting Bracket
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Protect Yourself with a Personal Attack Alarm

The SureGuard Torch Alarm is a great personal alarm. Small and sturdy enough so you can forgot about it when it is not needed, but also reliable and dependable, so when it is needed, it works.


The SGGFT incorporates a strobe effect independent torch along with the protection of a Personal Attack Alarm. This provides the ability to alert attention in a dark area.

Added Security

This sturdy Alarm also includes an added securing feature that many personal safety alarms do not have; a key ring attachment to secure the unit to handbag / luggage for protection against mugging. A spring-loaded clip ensures that the alarm fits securely to a belt or a waistband.

Even Property Security

To instantly transform the SGGFT from an attack alarm into a shed / garage alarm simply and easily use the mounting bracket (provided) to secure the alarm to a door frame.

Alarm Operation

The Alarm is operated with the traditional ripcord action and the strobe light flashes to attract attention. Extremely loud siren 140 + Db which is audible for 1/2 mile. To stop the Alarm sounding and flashing, replace the rip cord pin into the socket on top of the unit.

The Torch can be used independently to light key holes for quick entry to cars, homes etc. or to light the way. To use the Alarm as a torch, simply push the button located on the side of the unit. Added feature is a battery checker test button to ensure the Alarm is at full function.

Why should I use a Personal Attack Alarm?

Personal alarms are a great way to increase your personal protection and safety. They have proven to be a useful tool time and time again.

If you carry a personal attack alarm it does not guarantee that you will be free from harm. However what an alarm does give you is an improved chance of escaping the danger before the situation escalates.

It is important to choose a personal attack alarm that you feel comfortably carrying

Key Features:

  • High Intensity Strobe Bulb
  • 140dB Ear Piercing Siren
  • Simple Rip Cord Operation
  • Test Button
  • 9V PP3 Heavy Duty Battery (Inc)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Rosh Compliant

Additional Information

Dimensions 58x70x24
Alarm Siren 140 dB
Alarm Activation Pin
Approvals CE Certified
Guarantee 10 years
Alarm Weight 117g
Torch No
Belt Clip No

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