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AlcoTop Deters Spikers Quick Easy To Use Vibrant Colours Reusable Design
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Alcotop is a specially designed bottle top which can be bought over the bar in clubs, pubs and online is easily fitted over the neck of a bottle.

You only need to buy one for the evenings drinking as Alcotop can be taken from bottle to bottle and at the end of the evening taken home and used again on your next night out. It fits nearly all Alcopop and Beer bottles and is easy to use, its snap fit lid makes spiking extremely difficult.

Brightly coloured alcotop shows would be spikers that you are aware of the drug problem and that you are vigilant, they will move their attentions to someone without alcotop who will be seen as easier prey.

Even when using alcotop we still urge drinkers not to leave drinks unattended as no system can be totally tamper proof.

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