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SURE SG601 Mini Door Window Contact Alarm

Simple Installation No Wiring Required 125+dB Alarm
Minature Size Discrete Security
Manufactured to ISO9002
3 Year Guarantee
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SG601 Miniature Contact Alarm for Doors and Windows

The SureGuard SG601 is a miniature contact alarm for door and window perimeter security. The Alarm very simply attaches to window or door using adhesive tape, so no wiring or complex installation process. One part attaches to the frame, the other part of the alarm attaches to the moving section of the door or window. When the contact is broken between the 2 parts the 125+dB alarm is activated. SIMPLE!

This great window alarm that can be fitted easily and simply by even the biggest novice!

This is such an easy and simple device but it brings great security to easy points of access of a house. Deter burglaries without spending a lot of money. This is a low cost and effective way to beef up your home security.

The SG601 comes in 2 parts, one fits to a window/door and the other fits to the frame. Once the contact is broken between the two parts, the 125 dB siren alarm is activated immediately. There is an allowance of 17-22mm between them for ventilation and universal fitting. This means that the alarm is not can easily be fitted to any access point in the house. Thereby stopping potential burglars from entering the property silently.

The alarm can be stuck easily into place on any door or window frame. The real benefit of this window alarm is that there are no tools no wiring and no fuss required. This means that the alarm can be fitted by anyone without hiring a professional or engaging in a massive DIY project! The alarm also features a concealed on/off switch and a low battery indicator, giving it extra functionality and allowing the user know replace the battery in time and even open the window, which is always nice!

This alarm should never be confused with the cheap window alarms that are circulating on the market, this alarm is a quality product manufactured to ISO9002 and backed up with a 3 year guarantee. The benefits of choosing this alarm over the cheaper alternatives are massive. The cheap window alarms are prone to fall off the windows and lose their battery easily. After all it is vital that the window alarm works when you need it to work. It is important to us that you remain a happy and content customer.

Key Features


  • Miniature contact alarm for doors and windows
  • 125 dB alarm
  • Contact alarm
  • Simple and easy to fit
  • Protect your home, possessions and family
  • Manufactured to ISO9002 standards
  • 3 year guarantee




  • Settings: Variable Sensitivity
  • Fixing: 3M Adhesive Tape
  • Battery: 4 x Button Cells
  • Alarm: 125 dB
  • Case: High Impact ABS
  • Guarantee: 3 Years
  • Trigger: 17-20mm Gap
  • Dimensions: 32mm x 62mm x 10mm

Additional Information

Dimensions 31mm x 62mm x 15mm
Alarm Activation Contact
Case Plastic
Alarm Siren 120 dB
Battery Type 4 x Button Cells

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