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GEK200RF GECKO - AIR Portable Beam with RF

GECKO Portable Professional Outdoor AIR Beam with RF
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Professional Outdoor Portable IR Beam with RF (to be used in conjuction with GEK100.

Gecko: Portable security system functioning wireless active infrared sensor (with a range of 1-70 meters)

RF-communication. Covert security system, easy to hide and use as an electronic trap - anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for special temporary defense tasks.

Active IR Transmitter and Receiver - up to 70 mtr range.

Outdoor application in waterproof case.

See GEK300 for full RF beam and GSM camera kit.

GEK200RF Features:

  • Portable security surveillance system functioning wireless
  • Outdoor application in waterproof case
  • Applicable as an electronic trap - anywhere, anytime
  • Small size, easy to hide, simple handling
  • Can be used both for professional and personal security purposes
  • Perfectly suitable for special temporary defence tasks
  • GSM communications, GSM alarm
  • SIM card operates independently from mobile service provider
  • Built-in GSM module, own antenna, card holder
  • When alerting it gives an alarm-call and sends SMS for previously programmed optional 1-5 numbers
  • Automatic status messages in required intervals
  • Starting a call from switched-off or switched-on state, it's optionally programmable
  • Active infrared sensor with a range of 1-70 meters
  • Several month operating with batteries; batteries duration: 1500-2000 hours
  • Batteries required both for IR Transmitter and IR Receiver: 3 pieces 1.5 V-batteries (AA)
  • Sizes: IR Transmitter 128 x 101 x 53 mm, IR Receiver with built-in GSM communications: 128 x 101 x 53 mm
  • Total weight (Infra Transmitter + Infra Receiver + batteries + consoles + case): 1.15 kg


  • Range: 1 - 70 meters
  • Bevel-angle of optics: Approx 5 degrees
  • Optics line of efficiency: D = 14 mm
  • Infra reaction time: 100 msec
  • Voltage: 3.8 - 4.6 V (both units)
  • Current consumption of IR Transmitter: 200 µA (1-20 meters) 520 µA (20-50 meters) 1.2 mA (30-70 meters)
  • Current-consumption of IR Receiver: 520 µA (when watching) 250 mA average (when GSM signaling)
  • Life expectancy of batteries (between -10 degrees C and +30 degrees C): IR Transmitter 1,500-4,000 hours (depending on distance of application) IR Receiver 1,500-2,000 hours (depending on number of signals)
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C - +40 °C

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IR Remote Control No

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