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EFOY PROFUEL10 Pro Fuel Cartridge 10L

EFOY Fuel Cartridge 10 Litre Pro Fuel Cell Accessory



An EFOY 10L Fuel Cartridge weighs only 8.4 kg but contains enough fuel to produce 11.1 kilowatt hours of energy.

Safety Certified:

Every EFOY fuel cartridge bears the TUV seal of safety. Fuel cartridges are designed for maximum safety right from the start. The material for the cartridge is made of high-impact plastic. The cartridges have been subjected to numerous drop and shock tests and have passed them with flying colors.

EFOY Fuel Cells run on clean fuel:

EFOY Fuel Cells generate electricity using methanol fuel. Methanol is an alcohol that occurs in nature, for example in trees or cotton plants. More and more methanol is being produced from renewable resources such as biological or even household waste products in an effort to conserve resources and generate energy in an environmentally friendly manner.

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