AB-CAR - Car GSM Audio Bug - Spy Equipment UK

AB-CAR - Car GSM Audio Bug - Spy Equipment UK

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  • Audio Bug ENDUGSM
  • Call the Device from Mobile to Monitor
  • Outstanding Crisp Audio
  • Works on 2G SIM Card
  • Supplied w/ External Mic
  • Rapid Deployment
  • 24 Hours Standby
  • 1 Hour Listening Time
  • Easily Hidden
AB-CAR - Car GSM Audio Bug - Spy Equipment UK

GSM AB-CAR - Car Audio Bug Specification

Excellent Audio – Backup Battery

Listening in can easily be achieved because the device uses mobile phone technology inside to turn the system into a remote listening device classified as a GSM bug. This superb GSM unit delivers superb audio quality and is fitted with an external microphone (approximately 1.5 meters in length) and an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. The extended microphone enables the device to be hidden away out of sight behind the dashboard and the battery ensures that even if the car battery is disconnected, the bug will still remain switched on ready for use.

Designed for Totally Discreet Installation

The rechargeable internal battery pack is continually topped up by trickle charge from the 12V Car/Van battery to which it has been attached, so once installed the unit can be just left in place to be available for listening in on demand. With the unit completely concealed behind the dashboard the microphone can be being tucked into a semi-exposed position, thereby not giving away that the device is present. We recommend that a good place is to hide the microphone just behind the roof lining material just short of the top corner of the windscreen on the driver's side. This position is very near to the driver's mouth and therefore ideally placed to pick up on what is being said in the vehicle.

Simple to Use – Discreet Operation

To use the bug function, it is a matter of simply calling the SIM card that you have put in the device. The unit will automatically answer the call and without giving any indication open up the microphone so that you can listen to the surrounding environment (the inside of the vehicle). When you have finished listening, then it is a matter of ending the call at your end. The GSM Car Bug is completely discreet in operation and unit will not make any sounds to alert attention at any time to give away its presence with a vehicle. This revised unit also has the option for sound activation, which can be switched on and off using a coded text message. In sound activation mode, when sound is detected, an SMS is sent to the controlling telephone number notifying a sound detection incident. Using this it may be possible to determine when it is best to call the GSM Car Bug.

Limitations on Fitting and Use

The unit is supplied with a pre-pay SIM with no credit on. The device does not require any credit to receive calls (unless the vehicle is in another country), but after a period of time, the SIM card network provider may disconnect the SIM as no money is being made from the SIM card because it is only being used for receiving calls. This may means that at some stage the SIM will need to be changed for an active SIM card. Alternatively, it may be prudent to use a contract SIM in the device. At times it may not be possible to call the GSM bug because poor network signals are being experienced at the location where the GSM Car Bug is at that time (or where the vehicle it is installed in is located). When fitting to a modern vehicle with CANBUS wiring it may be best to seek the expertise of a qualified Auto Electrician.

  • Call this listening device from any phone
  • The microphone provides absolute top quality audio quality
  • Totally discreet operation – no giveaway signs
  • Designed for hard-wiring into vehicle electrics (may require specialist help)
  • Accepts any mini size 2G SIM card – works on any 2G GSM network (quad-band)
  • Internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery for back up if battery is disconnected
  • Unlimited listening in time when taking power from vehicle power supply
  • 24 hours standby /1 hour listening time when not hard-wired to vehicle electrics
  • Main Unit Dimensions: 65 x 30 x 19 mm
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nameAB-CAR - Car GSM Audio Bug - Spy Equipment UK

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