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Mental Health Awareness Week

2019-05-13 12:02:00

Mental Health Awarness Week

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week and what better time than to raise awareness, guide people to the right places and support one another. We at SURE24 identify that these health problems can affect anyone and we are very lucky to have a completely open office where we can raise work concerns and voice what we enjoy as a team.


Buying CCTV in Nottingham

2019-05-09 10:01:00

Buying CCTV in Nottingham

Nottingham is a city located in the East Midlands with a recorded population of over 330,000 in 2017 and is located approximately 128 miles north of London. Home of the legend Robin Hood, Nottingham is a tourist destination and in 2011 it was also recorded that over 1.5 billion was spent by tourists/visitors. Buy CCTV in Nottingham now.


SURE Transport launches the CCTV kit

2019-04-30 15:01:00


We have taken the stress out of buying CCTV, in this kit all components are compatible, compact and easy to set up. With our plug and play cables, you will be able to easily set up these cameras up. This kit is perfect for a car, van, taxi and emergency vehicle.