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SUREFIRE MSC150 PostSafe150 Chubby

SURE MSC150 PostSafe Anti Arson Chubby Mailbox With Extinguishant Tube
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Simple and Effective Protection from Arson

The SURE MSC150 Chubby PostSafe Anti Arson Mailbox extinguishes a fire before it spreads, saving property and lives.

The MSC150 PostSafe works brilliantly by helping to contain fires and other acts of vandalism such as fireworks, rubbish, animal faeces and urination through a letterbox.

Victim of this type of crime are often tempted to install a locking device to their letter box. This does stop any attempts at mail box vandalism however it does stop the victim receiving post. The PostSafe allows the user to you to receive all their normal post including all standard size mail and newspapers.

How The SUREFIRE MSC150 PostSafe150 Works

The concept of the MSC150 is very simple. The sealed self-contained unit acts as vacuum. Not only containing the fire and stopping it from spreading but also starving the fire of oxygen.

If a fire is started and it continues to grow the tube extinguisher within the PostSafe activates as the heat rises up. A non-flammable liquid is then released which curbs the spread of the fire and prevents re-ignition.

The PostSafe has been proven to work time and time again and helps to provide piece of mind to those suffering from vandalism and abuse.
The PostSafe Anti-Arson Mailbox accommodates all normal mail and newspapers and is available in three different models: Chubby, Slimline and Commercial.

Dimensions: 360mm x 326mm x 156mm (HWD)

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