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SURE SGTG85 Dusk to Timed Off Security Switch

Dusk To Timed Off Security Switch Suitable for the Elderly and Infirm 3 Years Guarantee Various Settings
Excl. VAT: £7.62 Incl. VAT: £9.14



The SURE Dusk to Dawn Timeswitch allows the user to mimic the living habits of the owner while they are away.

It can be set at either hourly intervals, turn on automatically at dusk (and remain on for a user-set amount of time) or permanently on depending on the users preference.

This product can work for all 13amp appliances and filament lamps up to 300W.

Allows you to mimic normal sleeping patterns with various timer settings.

Can also be set to switch OFF at dawn if no time setting is required. Permanent ON/OFF override for instant control. Power ON indicator. 3 Years Manufacturers Guarantee.

Three reasons to use Timer Switches in your home or office

Added security: Weather you're in or out of the house your lights will be on and off on automatically. This will deter any intruders as it looks like the property is occupied.

Save money: You can stop energy vampires using electricity when you're in bed or away from home. No need to have lights on or appliances in standby mode when you're not using them.

Convenience: You don't have to worry about remembering to turn your lights/appliances off and on. The timerswitch will automaically turn everything off at a set time. If you're using the timer switch as an occupancy simulator you can only have the lights on after the sun goes down - eliminating the need to leave the lights on all day.

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Dimensions 235 x 127 x 85

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