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SURE SGSJW Sash Jammers White

Sash Jammers Stop People Gaining Entry To Your Property.
Install In Minutes. Low Cost Solution
Excl. VAT: £3.89 Incl. VAT: £4.67



Sash Jammers are a brilliant solution to Increase your home security

The SURE SGSJW Sash Jammer is a fully adjustable retro fit additional device to improve security on existing installations. This simple little product greatly increases security on all windows or doors.

How does it work?

The SURE SGSJW Sash Jammer is extremely simple to operate and easy to fit and is non-handed for use on all applications. It is available as a standard product or with a key lock to secure the arm in place when the window is closed. If the home is left unoccupied for any length of time the key lock is ideal to ensure the windows are completely protected.

The Sash Jammers can also be fitted to a door to provide excellent additional security. These are also perfect for temporary door/window security after there has been a burglary at a property where the locks have been broken.

By simply moving the device arm over the opening window or door, sash jammers provide an added layer of security. This product makes forced entry harder and increases the possibility that any potential intruder will move on to an easier target.

Does it work?

We have also sold countless numbers of Sash Jammers to Fire Brigades to lock letterboxes to prevent junk mail being posted through your door when your away on holiday, and to prevent arson attacks at likely times of the year e.g. Bonfire Night.

Available in White or Brown

Key Features :

  • Designed for PVC-U doors and windows
  • Patent Number GB2310449
  • Force tolerance tested to 3 kilonewtons
  • All finishes salt spray tested to 480 hours (BS EN 1670: Class 5)

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