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SURE SC150 SURECODE Security Marking Wallet

Property Marking Wallet Perfect For Home/Small Office Use Post Code Your Items For Added Security
Excl. VAT: £11.02 Incl. VAT: £13.22



SURE Property Marking Wallet. Perfect for home or office use.

4 specialist Property Marking Pens to mark most surfaces. UV Pen for TVs, PCs, videos etc. Tungsten Tipped Scriber to etch mark into hard surfaces. China/Glass Marker to code glass and ceramics without scratching the surface. Permanent Marker for overt marking. A selection of warning labels, a record card and instruction leaflet are provided with the pens and presented in a stylish wallet.

Police recommendations are that you mark items with your post code for quick identification. In addition to the obvious recovery assistance benefits, use of property marking kits may encourage insurance companies to give you a discount on your policy.

Designed and manufactured in England.

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