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SURE SC121DP Bottlewatch Ultra Destruct Personalised Disc

Ultra Destruct Bottlewatch Personalised Disc for Reducing Drink Related ASB



The SURE SC121DP Bottlewatch Ultra Destruct Personalised Disc is a very cost effective way to help reduce drink related anti-social behaviour and is also used to help reduce the sale of alcohol to underage teenagers.

The tamper evident stickers are placed on randomly selected drink bottles in specially targeted drinks outlets. These bottles are sold to the general public as normal. When broken bottles are found on the street or other public areas the stickers are still on the bottle and the unique reference code means it is possible to trace where the bottle was purchased.

It is possible to overprint messages and logos on the front of the Bottlewatch disc to help convey any message that the local Police or Council wish to promote.

Bottlewatch has been particularly successful in helping to reduce anti-social behaviour and has had notable success in Bristol and Northumbria.

National Policing Award Runners Up receiving 20,000 votes from Police Officers due to the success of this scheme.

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