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SURE RS232-RS485 Converter - Serial 9 pin

RS232-RS484 Converter Serial 9 pin
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RS232 to RS-485 Converter. Plug into a standard 9 pin RS-232 Port. Provides RS-485 on 9 pin male connector or PCB (included).

Uses a particular pump to gain power from RS-232 signal (RTS,DTR,TXD) withour initializing the RS-232 series interface

No mains supply required.

Key Features

Compatibility EIA/TIA RS-232c standard and RS-485 standard
Data Transfer Rate: 300-115200bps
Standard 2 Wire RS-485
Transmission Media Twisted Pair or Shielded Twisted Pair
Transmission Rate 300 to 115200 BPS
Transmission Distance 5m - RS232 1200m - RS-485
Enviroment -10c to 85c, 5% to 95% RH

Additional Information

SKU RS232-485

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