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SURE BLINKER Safety Blinker LED's

Safety Blinkers Visible Up To 1/2 Mile Away Battery Life Of 24 Hours Reduces the Likelihood of Children Being Involved in Road Traffic Accidents
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Make children more visible with a personal safety blinker

Colour choices: red and white or blue and white

Safety Blinkers are the fun and easy way to reduce the likelihood of kids being involved in accidents on the walk to and from school.

There concept is very simple. The blinker is easily attached to a school bag or a jacket and emits a LED light. Often it is the little things that can make a great deal of difference. The BLINKER can be seen up to half a mile away and dramtically improves any drivers awareness of the children.

Coming in 3 bright, fun filled colours (white, red and blue) Safety Blinkers provide a strong visible alert bringing the drivers attention to the childs presence up to 1/2 a mile in advance.

Safety Blinkers can be easily attached to every day items such as school bags and coats.

Totally water proof with a battery life of up to 24 hours, Safety Blinkers can be easily attached to key rings or worn on bags or clothing, and come provided with 3 SPARE batteries.

Suitable for kids of all ages Safety Blinkers are the cost effective and easy way to reduce road traffic accidents.

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