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SURE BACH8 Battery Charger 12V 2A-8A

SURE Battery Charger 12V 2A-8A Cable Store Light Weight Design For Easy Handling
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Charge on the go with a smart car battery charger

The Ring RSC8 Smart Car Battery Charge 8 has an LED display that gives the Voltage, Charge Rate and battery status (as a %) and allows you to check the battery status without the need to connect it to the mains - ideal for a quick battery check.

Cables store neatly in a rear compartment and its small lightweight design allow for easy convenient handling.

The selectable 2A, 4A, 6A and 8A charge rates ensure the optimum charge current for your battery whilst the battery recondition mode helps to revive and improve the performance of deeply discharged batteries.

Recommended for vehicles up to 3.5L and battery capacities of between 10Ah and 10Ah.

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Dimensions 155mm x 185mm x 270mm (WHL)

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