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Virus Protection

These devices have been designed after the virus outbreak in 2019 which has sadly caused a lot of chaos around the world and continues to do so even to this day. One of the key indicators to when someone has a virus is that their temperature will rise with the average fever temperature sitting around 38°C.

Using infrared facial recognition, these devices can identify when visitors attempting to enter venues, transport or areas with large amounts of people have a high temperature and risk passing viruses to others inside the venue.

The devices work toward helping to avoid the risk of spreading the infection to other passengers or drivers of the vehicle therefore slowing the spread and aiding to lower the pressure on our NHS.

  • Smart Infrared Sensor Monitor - C19TMM

    Smart Infrared Sensor Monitor - C19TMM

    ○ Infrared temperature, face recognition & mask detection ○ Designed for public transport (buses) and mobile applications ○ Remotely managed with 4G communication & GPS location. Optional : ○ Dangerous driving behaviour analysis ○ Forward active safety warning Learn More
  • Portable Temperature Monitoring Kit - C19TMK 1

    Portable Temperature Monitoring Kit - C19TMK

    This system uses an infrared temperature measurement software as a quick and effective method to guage if a person has a fever before accessing public spaces e.g. buses, venues or centres.

    Learn More
  • FRTMM(2)

    Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Monitor - FRTMM - SURE

    This face temperature measuring device comes at an important time when flu detection is paramount. Along with detecting flu like temperatures this device offers facial recognition, fever warnings, mask detection and data compiling for analysis. Learn More
    Excl. VAT: £1,165.00 Incl. VAT: £1,398.00