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RSI SV210IP IP Control Panel With GPRS Back Up And Optional 2 Way Voice I/O

SV210A RSI Control Panel With GPRS Back Up & Optional Two Way Voice I/O Videofied Wireless SureView Security System Range
Excl. VAT: £399.50 Incl. VAT: £479.40



RSI SV210IP Control Panel is part of a videofied wireless hybrid battery alarm system.

Quick and easy to set up almost anyone can install this and you dont need the expense of a monitoring station. You are in control and can take decisive action at any time Simply integrate into WebEye CMS for secure, robust and reliable self monitoring.

It is designed for residential and small business security applications or commercial applications like warehouses and places with internet service.

This Panel features programmable inputs and outputs and have a mapping function that allows you to trigger a video from a SureView PIR Camera on any event.

With the two modes of tranmission, Ethernet and GPRS, the panel ensures maximum safety. In case of Ethernet connection loss the panel will switch immediately to GPRS to transmit alarms and videos.

The Control Panel and all the associated products utilise a patented encryped wireless technology which provides optimum signal integrity and security.

The Panel supervises every device (excluding the Remote Key Fob) to validate current open/close state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, firmware revision and battery status.

Key Features

Video Verification
Resolution of 320 x 240 Pixels
0 Lux Sensitivity
5 Frames Per Second
10 Seconds Total Recording Time
220k MPEG File
2 Inputs
1 Output
Upto 25 Wireless Zones/Devices
4000 Events History Log
20 Access Codes
Installer Codes 1 (For System Programming Only)
Tamper Detection
Built-in RJ45 for Ethernet transmission to report to your Monitoring Station via The Frontel Protocol
Built-in GPRS Transmitter to report to your Monitoring Station via the Frontel protocol

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