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RSI SV210EX Control Panel in IP Rated Box With RF & GPRS Booster Antennas

SV210A RSI Control Panel In IP Rated Weather Proof Box RF & GPRS Booster Antenna Videofied Wireless SureView Security System Range
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RSI SV210A RSI Control Panel is part of a videofied wireless hybrid battery alarm system.

Quick and easy to set up almost anyone can install this and you dont need the expense of a monitoring station. You are in control and can take decisive action at any time Simply integrate into WebEye CMS for secure, robust and reliable self monitoring.

The Control Panel is a weatherproof wireless battery operated hybrid alarm system. It is designed for outdoor commerical applications - construction sites, cellular towers, remote sites, substations etc.

This Control Panel comes in a IP65 waterproof housing and mounting bracket. The Panel will operate on batteries upto 4 years on four D cell batteries between -30 degrees to +60 degrees. It has two integrated long range antennas, one for 868MHz communications between the Panel and peripheral devices and one for GPRS communications from the Panel to a Central Station.

The booster antennas enable the system to provide security to large areas even where there is a poor GPRS signal.

The Control Panel and all the associated products utilise a patented encryped wireless technology which provides optimum signal integrity and security.

The Panel supervises every device (excluding the Remote Key Fob) to validate current open/close state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, firmware revision and battery status.

If you require a control panel for internal use, see also the SV210 GPRS, SV210A GPRS or SV210IP GPRS.

Key Features

Video Verification
Resolution of 320 x 240 Pixels
0 Lux Sensitivity
5 Frames Per Second
10 Seconds Total Recording Time
220k MPEG File
Upto 25 Wireless Zones/Devices
4000 Events History Log
20 Access Codes
Installer Codes 1 (For System Programming Only)
Tamper Detection

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