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Nomad Multicam HD Wireless Redeployable CCTV Camera

Nomad CCTV - Multicam HD Wireless Rapid Deployment Camera
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The Digital HD NOMAD Multicam is a compact, cost-effective wireless surveillance unit providing rapid deployable, multi-view street surveillance. With day/night cameras and a 360° view, it is designed to prevent a wide range of criminal issues for the toughest urban areas. View live footage over 4G or Wi-Fi whilst recording at 1080p at all times. This compact unit provides the user with a subtle and easy to use tool in the fight against Antisocial Behaviour, Terrorism and much more.

Instant deterrant against crime

The Digital HD NOMAD multicam is a multi-view street surveillance unit providing coverage of multiple areas using 3 separate cameras and a covert pin-hole camera to ensure protection for the unit if it is attacked from below. The Multicam combines remote monitoring of multi-view video (via Wi-Fi, or 4G) with remotely accessible NVR recording (with Wi-Fi or 4G), allowing real-time streaming of video.

Protect against vandals

A discreet camera installed on the underside of the system, pointed directly below. It records the street below and provides evidence of any attempts to damage either the Multicam or the column. The sentry camera records 24 hours a day in the same way as the main 3 cameras. A number of our customers have already used this camera to provide evidence leading to the conviction of offenders who attempted to damage the system.

• Records at 1080p, with live viewing capabilities in Full HD or lower to increase stability
• See clearly at ranges up to 70 metres
• Small, light and unobtrusive
• Purpose built metal enclosure with vandal resistant camera
• Wi-Fi (with 256-bit AES encryption) for local monitoring and recording access
• Optional remote access via a 4G connection*
• Can be deployed on lamp columns and buildings in minutes
• Equipped with easy-to-use software
• Easily view and download video files at HD quality, for use as evidential purposes in court

Additional Information

Dimensions 205 x 340 x 240
Video Channels 1
Frames Per Second 25 FPS
Video Codec H.264
Video Resolution 720x576 (D1 PAL)
Colouration Colour
Storage Media HDD
Storage Capacity 1 TB
IR Remote Control No
Environment External

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