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Ltl Acorn LTL6210A HD Video Trail Camera 12 MP, 940 IR Loop Record

Ltl Acorn HD VideoTrail Camera 12MP 940-IR Loop Record Blue LED Camouflage with SD Cycle Function
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The LTL Acorn Trail cameras from SURE24 are stand alone, motion activated cameras that have a wide range of uses including filming wildlife and security.

The LTL6210A camera is battery operated (12AA batteries) and requires a SD card (max size 16GB).

When installed, motion detection sensors trigger the automatic (1 second trigger) recording of live video footage, or take still photographs.

The LTL6210A 1/4 inch LCD colour display detaches from the underside of the unit allowing you to set up the camera while it is deployed. This screen can be used to analyse the recordings or modify the cameras settings.

The LTL6210 produces HD JPEG and HD AVI and takes sharp and crisp colour pictures/videos in daytime and clear black/white pictures/videos at night. The blue invisible 940-IR has the added benefit that it does not glow in the dark like standard IR.

The LTL6210 range includes the very useful loop record function. When this function is activated, the SD cards will automatically overwrite the oldest data when the card has reached maximum capacity. This means that you do not need to return to the site unless you need to gather the evidence.

The 6210A is just a standalone camera and DVR there is no transmission available on this unit. Therefore it does not require a SIM card. All the footage will be saved to the SD card.

Trail Camera Testing

LTL Acorn Trail Camera set up in a garden catching the wildlife

LTL Acorn Trail Camera At Night

LTL Acorn Trail Cameras In Action

Additional Information

Video Resolution 1080 - FULL HD
Camera Type Covert
Colouration Digital Day / Night
Infra-Red (IR) Yes
Lens Size 3.1 mm
Lens Type Fixed
Chip Type CMOS
Audio/Video (AV) Video Only
Environment External
Power Consumption 150mA (+350mA when IR LED array is operating)
Sense Up / DSS No
Number of effective pixels 5MP 2560 x 1920 pixels (sensor) & 12MP 4000 x 3000 pixels (interpolated)
Lux 0.000 IR ON
Dimensions 140mm x 90mm x 80mm
Weight 451

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