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Smart Infrared Sensor Monitor - C19TMM

○ Infrared temperature, face recognition & mask detection ○ Designed for public transport (buses) and mobile applications ○ Remotely managed with 4G communication & GPS location.

Optional : ○ Dangerous driving behaviour analysis ○ Forward active safety warning



This device has been designed after the virus outbreak in 2019 which has sadly caused a lot of chaos around the world and continues to do so even to this day. One of the key indicators to when someone has a virus is that their temperature will rise with the average fever temperature sitting around 38°C. 

Using infrared facial recognition, this device can identify when passengers attempting to board modes of transport have a temperature.

The device works toward helping to avoid the risk of spreading the infection to other passengers or drivers of the vehicle, therefore, slowing the spread and aiding to lower the pressure on our NHS.

With some viruses (inc Covid19) being airborne it is critical that we avoid being in close spaces with those that posses the virus.

High accuracy infrared temperature measurement with leading specialist infrared sensors and measurement technology. Certificated by national metrology bureau.



Detection distance 0.5M
Response time 0.3ms
AI facial recognition 10,000 faces database
Operator system Linux
Storage TF supported
Working temperature 0-50 °C
Mounting mode Optional (bus, school bus, inside/group access)
Video compression H.265
Image device 1/2.8” IMX327
On screen display Character overlay function, time/date, name, ID, temperature
GUI Graphical OSD interface
Power supply 5-9V
Output TTL
Spectrum response 8-14 (um)
Audio input 1CH
Audio output 1CH
Compressed format G711a or G726
Power input DC +12V
Integrated speaker & phonetic function  


High precision infrared human body temperature measurement:

This device was developed using German medical-grade equipment for extremely high precision when testing the temperature of a human body. Its mounting mechanism allows for both indoor and outdoor use and is being pushed into primarily transport, venue and school sectors.

The temperature measurement accuracy is <±0.1°C and detection distance is 0.5 meters:

Developed with accuracy and speed in mind, this device is able to detect within 0.1°C in under 0.3 seconds allowing for continuous flows of people to board transport/enter venues without delay or interruption. 

Intelligent facial recognition function:

The inbuilt facial recognition function on this infrared temperature monitor means that up to 10,000 faces can be stored onto the database. Once stored, any repeat visitors will take a fraction of the time to recognise meaning faster attendance. 

GPS, 4G and WiFi:

In-built support for satellite positioning and tracking through GPS, 4G and WiFi where needed. The data collected can then be uploaded remotely to a computer client management platform or viewed through a mobile app.

Vehicle-mounted multi-level management platform:

The device can be directly connected to our SURE MDVR products to achieve video recording, facial recognition attendance registers, fever/flu temperature detection and mask detection. Once the data is captured this can be remotely transmitted through 3G/4G and will generate reports on the results.


Human body temperature: 30-50°C

Environment temperature: 0-50°C
Temperature resolution: 0.01°C
Spectral (D:S) 25:1
Response time: 300ms
Human body accuracy: ≤±0.1°C
Environment accuracy: ≤±0.1°C
Emissivity: 0.95 (0.10-1.00 adjustable)

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