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GEK300 GECKO - Portable Wireless 3G Camera Kit With IR Beam Set

GECKO - Portable Wireless 3G Camera Kit with IR Beam Set
Excl. VAT: £1,249.00 Incl. VAT: £1,498.80



The ultimate combination!

An Active Infra-Red trip wire beam which when broken activates a wireless GSM camera. When activated this will in turn transmit the captured images to a designated user.

The GEK-300 is very easy to set up. Simply position the A.I.R. Trip Wire and Wireless 3G camera in their optimised position.

The GECK-300 allows you to quickly, easily and effectively provide monitoring and security to any site or high value asset. The GECKO has been designed specifically to be highly effective in both permanent and temporary situations.

Gecko captures and transmits images immediately through a cellular network. High Resolution images are captured day and night using IR940 invisible to the human eye.

Perfect for temporary applications. System can be deployed in minutes and moved to different locations every night if necessary.

Long battery life. 3 x AA batteries last for several months, extraordinary long battery life.

Images transmitted immediately through cellular network and stored on SD card for later retrieval using supplied software.

Tamper protection built in.

IR Sensor range up to 70 mtrs - Remote RF Trigger up to 100 mtrs

Upon alarm the system will send alarm call to mobile, take images, send images via SMS and MMS and email the images.

Camera Specification

  • Image Sensor Type 1.3 megapixel colour
  • Camera Lenses megapixel, interchangeable S-mount
  • Inbuilt Flash Type: Infrared Range: 50m
  • Memory Card Micro SD
  • Battery Life Approx. 2 months
  • Case Dimensions & Rating 128 x 101 x 53 mm IP67
  • Operating Temperature -20 C and +70 C
  • Programming and PC Software Requirements Via included mini USB cable with built-in MS Windows software

Module Specification

  • Cellular Bearer 3G/2G
  • Radio Bands Penta band GSM

Active Infrared Sensor Specification

  • Range: 1 - 70 metres
  • Bevel-angle of optics: Approx. 5
  • Optics line of efficiency: D = 14 mm
  • Infra reaction time: 100 msec
  • Voltage: 3.8 - 4.6 V (both units)
  • Current consumption of IR Transmitter: 200 A (1-20 meters) 520 A (20-50 meters) 1.2 mA (30-70 meters)
  • Current-consumption of IR Receiver: 520 A (when watching) 250 mA average (when GSM signaling)
  • Life expectancy of batteries (between -10 C and +30 C): IR Transmitter 1,500-4,000 hours (depending on distance of application) IR Receiver 1,500-2,000 hours (depending on number of signals)
  • Operating temperature: -20 degrees C - +40 degrees C

Additional Information

IR Remote Control No

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