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FLIR ONE Android Pro Personal Thermal Imager

FLIR ONE Personal Thermal Imager Works With Android with USB-C
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FLIR ONE Pro Personal Thermal Imager - works with Android Phones with USB-C

With a 4x improvement in thermal resolution, and VividIR™ image processing, FLIR ONE Pro gives you the ability to see more detail, measure smaller components from farther away, and work more safely around energized equipment.

Compatible with Android Phones. Translates thermal energy into dynamic colour images. Use for security, home repairs, outdoor activities and more. With the ability to see what the naked eye can't, FLIR ONE provides a thermal image of minute temperature differences, giving users the power to see in the dark, observe invisible heat sources, compare relative temperatures and see through light fog and smoke. FLIR ONE for Android fits on the phone, displays a live thermal image of the world around you right on the phone’s screen and captures still images and videos. FLIR ONE uses both a Lepton thermal camera and a standard camera. Combined together with FLIR's patented MSX technology, FLIR ONE provides enhanced thermal images with sharp detail. Created to enhance the FLIR ONE device experience, the FLIR ONE App, available on Google Play for free provides a simple and intuitive user interface with a variety of functions that make it easy to collect and share compelling and useful thermal images. It can load captured images directly to the camera roll and allows users to easily share on Facebook and other social media channels among many other features. Bring playtime to a whole new level. Have longer days as you observe wildlife and navigate trails in complete darkness. Have more restful nights by checking your campsite for animals, or a smouldering fire from the comfort of your tent. And have more fun putting a spin on a night game of hide-and-go-seek. Whatever your activity of choice, you will find FLIR ONE to be a complete game-changer.

Work faster, smarter and safer. Whether you’re looking for water leaks, trying to find the source of something that smells hot, or searching for lost pets at night, FLIR ONE lets you see things you couldn't before.

Contracting - Quickly evaluate hidden issues, cutting down diagnostic time.

  • Find water leaks
  • Trace spills and water damage
  • Find electrical shorts
  • Check radiant floor heating
  • Find insects and rodents in walls/attics

Plumbing - Get an up-close look at plumbing problems, saving valuable time and money.

  • Locate pipes behind walls and under floors.
  • Pinpoint leaks or blockages without cutting scout holes.
  • Capture images/video and instantly communicate issues to a remote client.

At Home

FLIR ONE can help you isolate places of possible warm or cold air leaks to optimize your home's energy efficiency, identify wet areas and potential leaks in ceilings, walls and floors before mould starts and spot overloaded electrical connections at the source. This tool is the handyperson's best friend and a must-have for your DIY days. As the first affordable personal thermal camera the FLIR One stands alone and is a truly unique and multi-purpose product. You'll be continually finding new uses for this camera!

Personal Safety

  • Arm yourself with awareness
  • Detect lurkers and intruders in your house or back yard
  • Check around your car in a dark parking lot
  • Check water temperature

Car Evaluation Save time and money by locating your car's irregularities inside and out.

  • Check up on coolant and exhaust systems
  • Locate radiator leakage
  • Stay informed on tyre use and pressure efficiency

Energy Efficiency Create a more comfortable environment and save a bundle on energy bills.

  • Find heat leaks in home insulation and windows
  • Track down energy inefficient appliances
  • Find cold air draft

Household Maintenance - Take the guesswork out of DIY projects, and identify concerns before they turn into catastrophes.

  • Find water leaks
  • Trace spills and water damage
  • Find electrical shorts
  • Locate radiant floor heating coils
  • Find insects and rodents in walls/attics

Pet Health and Safety - Monitor and locate pets to help them stay safe.

  • Locate fresh pet stains
  • Look for 'hot spots' on skin
  • Find lost/hiding pets in the dark
  • Find out if the dog or your husband has been lying on your favourite sofa.

Box Includes:

  • FLIR One
  • Charging cable (micro-USB)

SURE24 are an Authorised FLIR Distributor in the UK

Additional Information

Battery Life 350 mA-h
Enclosure IP Rating FCC, CE, RoHS, CAN ICES-3 (B)/NMB-3(B), UL
Size 72 x 26 x 18

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