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FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera IR Point & Shoot

FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera Point Shoot And Detect Infra Red Ground Breaking Affordability
Excl. VAT: £1,048.00 Incl. VAT: £1,257.60



FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera with IR Point Shoot and Detect.

A Flir i5 Infrared Camera is a powerful predictive maintenance tool. In many instances equipment failure is preceded by a period of increasing heat. A Flir i5 thermal imaging camera is also an excellent building inspection instrument, it quickly scans and identifies problem areas that can't be seen by the naked eye.

Many businesses use the Flir i5 for repair verification and insurance purposes.

As a valuable diagnostic equipment, an infrared camera can help find extreme hot or cold areas in components that cannot be seen by the human eye. The FLIR i5 thermal camera is the ideal tool to perform this role.

Create professional inspection reports using the FLIR Quick Report software included with this Flir i5 Thermal Imaging Camera, you are able to create professional inspection reports containing all of the images and important information obtained from your thermal imaging.

Warranty: 10 Year Detector/5 Year Battery/2 Year Parts & Labour.

Key Features of FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera:

  • IR Resolution 100 x 100 pixels
  • Image Frequency 9Hz
  • Spectral Range 7.5 - 13
  • Field of View 21 degree x 21 degree
  • Display 2.8 inch Colour LCD
  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Automatic
  • Focus Free
  • Image Storage on SD Card
  • Reporting Software Included
  • Built In Li-Ion Battery
  • Auto Power Off

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