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FAKETV3 Simple and Effective Intruder Deterrent

FAKETV3 Simple And Effective Deterrant To Protect Your Home When There Is No One In
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The FAKETV3 is the ultimate Burglar Deterrent Device

A dynamic and convincing occupancy simulation leading burglars to think there's someone home so they move onto an easier target

How FakeTV Works

From outside a home after dark, you do not see the actual TV. All you can see is coloured light filtering through the curtains. FakeTV does not make a picture, but makes the same sort of flickering light. When people see the light from a television, most people assume someone is home

FakeTV3 uses a built-in computer to control super-bright LEDs to produce light of varying intensity and colour that light up a room just like a real television does. The light effects of real television programming (scene changes, camera pans, fades, flicks, swells, on-screen motion etc) are all faithfully simulated by FakeTV. Just like a real TV, FakeTV fills a room with colour changes, both subtle and dramatic, in thousands of possible shades. Like real television programming, FakeTV is constantly shifting among more and less dynamic periods, more vivid and more monochromatic, and brighter and darker scenes. FakeTV is completely unpredictable, and it never repeats.

The Simulated Television consumes a tiny amount of power, less than a standard lamp

Most televisions turn on with push buttons and don't work with timers. Burglars know this, which makes the Simulated TV perfect! A built in light sensor turns Simulated TV on each evening at dusk.

Key Features:
  • Built in light sensor and timer
  • Simulates scene changes, light fades, light flickering, on-screen motion & colour changes
  • Eco friendly - uses less power than a night light
  • AC Adaptor included

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