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FAKETV Simple and Effective Intruder Deterrent

Simple And Effective Deterrant To Protect Your Home When There Is One One In
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The lights are on but nobody's home!

FakeTV is a burglar deterrent that accurately simulates the light output of a high definition television so it looks like you're home watching TV.

How FakeTV Works

From outside a home after dark, you do not see the actual TV. All you can see is coloured light filtering through the curtains. FakeTV does not make a picture, but makes the same sort of flickering light. When people see the light from a television, most people assume someone is home

FakeTV uses a built-in computer to control super-bright LEDs to produce light of varying intensity and colour that light up a room just like a real television does. The light effects of real television programming (scene changes, camera pans, fades, flicks, swells, on-screen motion etc) are all faithfully simulated by FakeTV. Just like a real TV, FakeTV fills a room with colour changes, both subtle and dramatic, in thousands of possible shades. Like real television programming, FakeTV is constantly shifting among more and less dynamic periods, more vivid and more monochromatic, and brighter and darker scenes. FakeTV is completely unpredictable, and it never repeats.

Key Features:

  • Built in light sensor and timer
  • Simulates scene changes, light fades, light flickering, on-screen motion & colour changes
  • Eco friendly - uses less power than a night light
  • AC Adaptor included
  • Colour: Charcoal

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Customer Reviews

A very effective security device Review by Norman
The idea of re-creating the effect of having your television switched on is a good one as having just static lights on timers in an unoccupied house isn't always convincing. So I was keen to try this device out.

The first thing you notice is that the device is a lot smaller than how it appears in the rather deceptive picture. It's only about 3" x 3" in size, not much bigger than a plug. I was concerned something so small would be able to generate enough light but as long as all other light sources in the room are switched off ie. the room is pitch black, then this device will provide good illumination. However, it's best to put it as near to a window as possible to get the maximum effect, so any blinds or curtains should be closed and the Fake TV should then be pointed so it shines directly at the blinds/curtains.

The device also has a light sensor that will make it automatically switch on as soon as it gets dark and then stay on for either 4 or 7 hours, this can be set manually. Alternatively you can have it stay on all the time, in this case it's best to attach it to a timer plug, this is probably a more practical solution than relying on the light sensor.

When switched on the device becomes illuminated and this illumination changes intensity at quick random intervals, simulating the light flickering effect of a TV. The device itself consumes very little power and is very safe, I left it on all night and its temperature hadn't changed at all, so there's no danger of it overheating while you're away.

So does it actually work? I turned out all the lights in my front room late at night, closed the window blinds, then pointed this device so it shone directly at the closed blinds. I then went outside and observed the house from the outside public path, as if I was a passer-by, and I can report it's very convincing. From the outside it really does look as if someone is watching TV in the room and definitely gives the impression that there's activity within the house.

This is definitely a very good security device to add to your house. The way it simulates a switched on TV is undoubtedly convincing enough to put a seed of doubt into the mind of any potential burglar. Fake TV is a cleverer way of making an empty house appear occupied than regular timer lights and I recommend it as an addition to your security setup. (Posted on 20/07/2016)
Better than the real thing! Review by Wes
Well conceived, well designed, well made and well priced. The flickering light, projected onto a wall, looks just like the real thing from outside, using only a small amount of electricity. What's not to like? An excellent product, so good I bought another! (Posted on 20/07/2016)

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