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EFOY-PRO2400DUOSET Pro Fuel Cell Generators

EFOY Pro2400DUOSET Fuel Cell Generator Fully Automatic Battery Charging Device Fuel Cell Duo Are Equipped With Two Fuel Cells



The EFOY Pro Fuel Cell is a fully automatic battery charging device for 12V and 24V batteries.

Installed as a power management system for long term deployments, EFOY Fuel Cells ensure personnel are not required to make multiple site visits to maintain the equipment. Saves money, time, operations and lives!

Long periods of autonomy, maintenance-free and remote monitoring. Lightweight and compact. Quiet and emission-free.

Up to 40 percent lower operating costs and 22 percent more output power.

With a guaranteed runtime of 4,500 hours, the guaranteed usage increases by 50% when compared with the first generation.

EFOY Pro Duo Fuel Cells are equipped with two fuel cell connectors to double the autonomy time and reduce personnel service intervention even further.


  • Standard Equipment: User manual, service fluid
  • Max. Nominal Power 110 W
  • Min. Nominal Power 80 W
  • Nominal Voltage 12 / 24 V
  • Recommended Battery Capacity: At 12 V 60 to 350 Ah (Lead acid, gel and AGM) at 24 V 30 to 175 Ah

  • Dimensions (length x width x height) 433 x 188 x 278 mm
    Weight 9.0 kg

    Standard Equipment: Operating panel OP2, off heat duct, connecting cable, mounting plate, fuel cartridge holder, user manual, service fluid

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Dimensions 433 x 188 x 278

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