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Digital Barriers TVI-C310 Wireless Surveillance Encoding Unit

TVI310 Low Power Wireless Surveillance Encoding Unit Compact and Simple Installation



TVI C310 is a compact low power, wireless surveillance encoding
unit with cellular connectivity. It is a world leading compact wireless surveillance streaming solution and can be used to stream video and audio over 3G, LAN and ADSL as well as Inmarsat GAN/BGAN satelllite (via the RJ45 Ethenet connector).

The TVI C310 features an integrated CDMA module for uses in regions that utlise CDMA.

At the heart of this range is the TVI wireless surveillance technology. A revoluntionary approach to encoding and transmitting video and audio over low or variable band width networks. The TVI encloding method is based on a library of proprietaty image codebooks emabling TVI to perceive, abstract and recognise objects in an image. This makes it far more efficient at streaming content over constrained bandwidth networks than the pixel centric approach of cenventional standard based video codecs, such as MPEG4 and H.264 based codecs.

TVI codecs are deployed by low enforcement, military and transportations domains, as well as by those responsible for securing public spaces.

Its compact form factor and simple installation makes it ideal for a range of static and dynamic operations as below:

Covert Surveillance Operations (Video and / or Audio)
Mobile Policing and Rapid Response
Tactical Surveillance Capability (eg Blind Spots)
On-board Monitoring (eg Mass-Transit Buses)
Critical Infrastructure Protection (eg Utilities)

Key Features:

Secure live video and audio transmission in locations with very low bandwidth (supports 9Kbps to 1Mbps)
Changes to codec settings or software upgrades can be delivered remotely over the air
Rapidly deployable (in minutes) for operational situations where installation time is critical
Highly reliable on-board surveillance transmission from moving vehicles

Additional Information

Dimensions L195mm x W148mm x D37mm (including connectors)
Camera Type Covert
Voltage 9V -36V DC
Power Consumption 7W max (8.5W with fully operational modem), 5.5W nominal, <1.5W standby, <0.1W sleep
Connectivity 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet for LAN or Inmarsat GAN/BGAN Fleet Routers, GPRS/3G/HSDPA module (C300), CDMA module (C310)

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