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SURE DDZ Dog Dazer Ultrasonic 9V Grey

High Frequency Ultrasonic Sound Deter Dogs / Animals 9V Black
Excl. VAT: £35.75 Incl. VAT: £42.90



If you are worried about encountering a dog and being attacked by one then the Dog Dazer is the perfect solution.

Producing a super high frequency noise that can only be detected and recognised by dogs and other animals it is the ideal product to help frighten away aggressive or over friendly dogs.

The ultrasonic high frequency sound can be detected by a dog 15 feet away. The Dog Dazer does not harm the dog it just disorientates them.

The Dazer comes with a ready made belt clip and runs on a 9V Energizer battery and is ready for immediately use.

Great for Joggers, Walkers, Delivery people, Meter Readers, Cyclists etc.

Additional Information

Dimensions 65mm x 53mm x 128mm

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