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The FLIR handheld cameras come in a variety of prices, with a wide range of lenses and features – so which one is right for your application? A good way to narrow down the range is to decide at what distance you need to detect either a man or a vehicle. When using FLIR cameras for security (or hunting), you usually know what distance you need to identify a threat before needing to take action. High-end FLIR handheld cameras can detect heat differences up to 3.7 miles (depending on conditions).

You can also need to think about whether or not you need to record footage, or if you’re just using the camera to spot threats in the field. Not all FLIR cameras have recording capabilities, but many record to micro SD card for later viewing.

Some of the range are monocular, and some are Binocular – another important point to consider when purchasing a FLIR handheld camera.

Luckily, if you know what you need to detect, if you need to record and if you want a monocular or Binocular camera – we have a handy tool to narrow down your selection!


Calculate FLIR Model and Lens needed to detect either a man or vehicle at various distances. Also filter by Ocular Type and SD Recording to find the device that has the right recording capabilities for your task

If you need a camera for home use, with limited range, the FLIR One is the perfect camera for you.

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