Bus travel at night

The Dangers of Bus Travel at Night

It may not come as a shock when we say this, but travelling anywhere alone at night can be dangerous. You're looking behind you constantly to check that something doesn't pop out of the shadows and you speed up your walking pace to get to your destination quicker.

Sadly this danger doesn't end when entering public transport as a lot of people would expect.


What is the danger?

There are many forms of public transport, however, for this article, we are going to focus on buses. Arguably one of the bigger forms of transport other than driving a tank, you would think you are safe. There is a driver and generally a multitude of passengers to act as witnesses to anything out of the ordinary.

In 2014 BBC News wrote an article with the headline "Four bus drivers a day are attacked in London" and moving forward to 2018 you cannot escape a transport attack in the news each week.

We aren't trying to scare people however this is the reality of the transport world we live in. Fortunately, more and more buses are investing millions in CCTV and security on their vehicles. 

If you are an individual you may be scared to walk home from the moment you get off of the bus or equally you may be attacked whilst being transported on the bus itself. If you are a bus operator then your worry may be that your employees could be attacked by passengers on the bus. Drivers can receive all kinds of abuse whilst at work and it is vital that we protect the drivers and cover any incident that may happen with recorded evidence.


What is the solution for bus companies?

If you're a bus operator or driver then the solutions are going to be a little different from that of an individual travelling at night. 

The solution for the drivers and bus companies is to implement CCTV into your fleet of buses, this not only protects the passengers onboard the vehicle but will also protect the individual driving the bus. Companies such as ourselves offer 24-hour surveillance along with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which contains a hard drive to store all of the recordings.

If the CCTV installed is backed up onto a Timespace DVR, you are able to access all of your recordings through LAN Link and PC Link. You can view live footage, access your buses location and review old footage should you ever need to.

It is easy to set up and will ensure you are covered should something ever happen. If you are interested in kitting your fleet our with the latest in CCTV surveillance then please don't hesitate to contact us here at SURE. We will analyse your bus, build a schematic, provide the equipment, install the kit onto your buses and then provide the training required to use the equipment effectively. 


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Our safety tips for personal protection

To protect yourself when travelling alone at night you may want to follow these useful tips.

Tip 1: Make sure your route is safe 
The best way to execute this tip is to look at which way your bus travels between departure and arrival. You can Google the route in advance and then look up the stops between to see if there have been many robberies/thefts in that area.

Tip 2: If you are travelling on an overnight bus then perhaps pay a little extra to travel first class. Cheap buses take shortcuts when it comes to hygiene and travel areas. Everything will be done on the cheap if you travel cheap so keep your belongings close to you.

Tip 3: Look after your belongings and avoid using your back pocket or loose pockets for storing wallets, phones or cash. If you keep your items in your front pockets you are more likely to feel any contact when a thief strikes. Attacks and theft, unfortunately, both happen so try to avoid making yourself more of a target by flashing your valuables.

Tip 4: Do you have a personal attack alarm? they are super cheap to buy and will encourage attackers to run a mile if they hear the loud screech that comes from such a small button activated device. You can buy our personal attack alarm on www.sure24.co.uk which is recommended by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.


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