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New figures show outbuilding thefts are on the rise

Protecting your outbuildings with CCTV

What is an outbuilding?

An outbuilding is a structure that belongs to the main building however is separate / detached from the primary building. An example of this is when your home is detached from your garage or shed. Other outbuildings could include greenhouses, garages, sheds, kennels or containers for domestic heating or gas.


Outbuilding thefts on the rise 

In 2016 more than 730,000 thefts were recorded from gardens and outhouses such as sheds or garages. This works out at more than 2,000 per day and with people leaving items outside during the warmer weather you are more likely to be targeted in those summer months.

Your shed, for instance, could contain thousands of pounds worth of lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, tools and other valuables. Thieves will grab anything they can get their hands on. Research has found that not only do the obvious get taken but thefts can include oil paintings and family pets!

“A poll of police forces in England and Wales from 2014 to 2018 found there were an average of 22,500 shed burglaries a year. Lancashire was the worst affected region with 12,592 thefts over the period, while Greater Manchester was the second worst hit with 11,946. At number three, Humberside Police handled 10,733 reported thefts from sheds, with West Yorkshire Police fourth on 9,760 and Cleveland Police fifth with 8,062.” (source)

Jack Sutcliffe from Tiger Sheds said "If your shed is only used for storage, blocking out the windows is also helpful as thieves are more likely to break in if they can see your valuables, while using opaque stick-on security sheets also has the benefit of making windows more difficult to break and preventing glass shattering."


Preventing thefts from outbuildings

When protecting your valuables there are a few tips to consider especially due to the recent spate of thefts from outbuildings. The first thing you should do is ensure your equipment is insured, tools and equipment can be expensive to replace and even if your shed or garage only contains the basics, you could still have to spend a lot to replace the items. 

“Putting your postcode on your belongings makes it three times more likely you will get them back if they are stolen. You can do this by painting, engraving or burning it into an inconspicuous place, or using a special pen only readable by ultraviolet light (available at SURE24). You can even get microchips to insert into statues, and other valuable items. Customising tools, for example by painting stripes on your spade or flowers on your mower, is a deterrent as it makes them too recognisable to sell.” (source)


What is available?

There is a wide range of CCTV cameras available to those looking to secure their home. We at SURE24 provide a wide range from covert security, door chime alarms, 24hr segment timers and night vision. When it comes to security and CCTV, we are experts in the field and if we genuinely don’t believe that our products would benefit you then we would tell you straight away.


SURE SG550RF PIR Alarm  - 

The SURE SG550RF Portable battery operated PIR Alarm with RF remote control comes complete with 2 Fobs and is produced in a neat modern design. It is manufactured using a strong and durable material meaning it will provide the user with reliable use.

SG550RF Portable RF PIR Alarm

As it is battery powered it can be located anywhere and is not restricted by access to mains power. The PIR detects the movement of people in the detection zone and is armed and disarmed remotely using the separate key fob attachment.

Be alerted of any intruders by this motion sensing alarm. Place the alarm wherever you need, on a wall with the adjustable mount, or placed on a shelf or table. The alarm can be powered by 4 x AA batteries or by 6V DC power adapter, the remotes are powered by 3 x AG13 button cell batteries each (included).

The alarm comes with two keyring remotes which can arm and disarm the alarm the push of a button.

105° Scanning Range ensures a large area is covered. It can be used for doorways, sheds, caravans, garages

Because of the battery operation there are no wires. Just an adjustable wall mount, which is included

Alarm powered by 4 x AA batteries or 6V DC power adapter (not included). The remotes are powered by 3 x AG13 button cell batteries (included)

105dB alarm

The alarm comes with 2 small, portable remote controls on key chains. These are used to arm/ disarm the alarm and come with batteries included


If you have any questions regarding the range of cameras and which would best suit you, simply call us on 01949 836990.


Things to note before buying CCTV

Before buying your first security camera, you need to think about what you will be watching and where you wish to position the cameras. You can connect cameras wirelessly using covert battery powered devices which can run either at a push of a button or can be set up with PIR sensors which set the device to run based on motion detection. We provide wireless devices that have full HD 1080p recording functions through recognised brands such as LawMate or KPC. 

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