Personal Alarms

There are many types of personal alarms on the market and making the right decision can be tricky. The personal alarm's purpose could be to shock, scare and disorientate an attacker which could buy the victim enough time to escape a dangerous situation. 

An alarm could also be given to an elderly relative to give them a way of calling out when having a fall or a situation that they may find difficult to come back from.

Whatever the reason for using a personal alarm it is important to find one that fits the scenario you see yourself faced with. It needs to be easy to use and be loud enough to prevent an incident or draw attention.


Features to consider

The sound emitted from the alarm: If you are to purchase a personal attack alarm then you need the decibel to be loud enough to deter attackers. Our alarms go up to 138dB with our more popular device (the SG390) sounding 120dB. 

Your alarm should be easy to carry and easily activated with the industry favourites being activated at the single press of a button. 


How to encourage loved ones to wear a personal alarm

A personal alarm can provide a lot of comfort for those with family members who are often in riskier situations. You may have a relative or friend who often walks home at night from work alone or perhaps an older relative who is a little uncomfortable on their feet but still lives at home.

You may wish for them to wear a personal alarm as insurance and you may find that some members of the family will find this insulting and a loss of their independence. 

• Don't patronise them
• Ensure they know you have their best interests at heart
• Stick to facts
• Don't scare or upset them


What is on the market?

Option 1: SG390 (PK or BK) - Suzy Lamplugh Recommended

"Our Sure-Guard Elite Personal Attack Alarm has stood the test of time and continues to be the most desirable Personal Attack Alarm on the market. This Alarm is extremely popular with the medical profession. It's aesthetically pleasing design and lightweight means it can be worn on a shirt pocket in the same way as a pager. The Alarm is sleek and easy to keep clean." (Source)


  • Activation: Pressure Activation
  • Siren: 120dB
  • Battery: Supplied
  • Colour: Ebony
  • Guarantee: 5 Years
  • Approvals: CE Certified
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 40mm x 12mm

SG390 personal alarm


Option 2: SG330Y (Jogger alarm) - 


This exciting new Alarm is specially designed for people on the go.

School children, walkers, climbers and joggers would all benefit from having the SURE SG330Active.

Made from sturdy ABS and has thick absorbing sponge on the barrel ends and a reflective strip. An added advantage is that it can be attached to bags, cycles etc. The Alarm has a 120dB siren.

The pin is held captive with a karabiner clip. An On/Off switch on the side eliminates accidental activation.

30 minutes continuous alarm siren with new batteries. (Source)



• SG330Y
• Dimensions: 62 x 30
• Alarm Siren: 120 dB
• Alarm Activation: Captive Pin
Approvals: CE Marked
• Guarantee: 1 Years (Excludes Batteries)
• Alarm Weight: 42g

SG330Y jogger alarm


Option 3: Lifeline24 alarm


How does the Lifeline Alarm service work?


With your Lifeline Alarm package, you will receive a Lifeline Vi Alarm base unit and a MyAmie Pendant. Once your alarm unit has been installed, you can choose to wear the MyAmie Pendant on an elasticated strap around your wrist or around your neck as a necklace.


Your pendant can be worn at all times, including in the bath or shower, as it is waterproof. Your pendant will also work outside in the garden, as it has a range of up to 100 metres.

24/7 support from our TSA Accredited Response Team. Providing platinum care 365 days a year
Increased independence and security in the comfort of your own home
The most affordable, private personal alarm service in the UK
Peace of mind for you and your loved ones
The comfortable, discreet and waterproof MyAmie Pendant


Lifeline alarm

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