With the onset of the darker nights there is no better time to improve your home security. To celebrate the return of National Home Security Month, the checklist below covers both interior and exterior security measures, and will help you identify weak points and visualise vulnerabilities in your home security.


□ Install gate at the front of property
□ Install gate at the rear of property
□ Secure all gates with a weatherproof, robust padlock
□ Check gates cannot be easily climbed on to access other parts of the home



□ Flood lighting at the front, side and rear of property
□ PIR detector
□ Visible alarm box
□ CCTV camera
□ Trim hedges to limit hiding places
□ Gravel driveway



□ Smoke detector
□ Carbon monoxide detector
□ PIR detector
□ All windows have at least one, key-operated window lock
□ Home safe securely bolted to the floor or wall



□ Install alarm
□ PIR detectors
□ Remote key fob
□ Panic button
□ Door contact and magnet
□ Remote access via a smartphone app



□ Hasps and weatherproof padlocks
□ Window locks
□ Stand-alone, battery powered alarm
□ Secure individual, more expensive items with anchors and cables
□ Mark all property in sheds, garages and outbuildings



□ External timber doors secured with a mortice lock and/or nightlatch that meet British Standard BS3621
□ Consider upgrading cylinder in PVCu or composite doors to a British Standard, TS007 Kitemarked model
□ Letter box restrictor on front door
□ Door chain
□ Smart door lock



□ Cancel mail deliveries
□ Leave lights on a timer
□ Relative/friend/neighbour to check on property
□ Smart alarm or CCTV systems that can be remotely accessed and controlled via a smartphone
□ All windows shut and locked
□ Don’t ‘check-in’ or post images with location tags on social media
□ Personal attack alarm



□ Internal & external
□ Infrared LED night vision
□ HD camera quality
□ Recordable hard drive
□ Remote access via a smartphone app

For further information and advice about home security, please visit www.homesecuritymonth.com or search for National Home Security Month on Facebook and Twitter

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