Basically everything emits infrared radiation, and it’s this heat radiation that can be picked up by FLIR Thermal cameras. The thermal sensor works by measuring tiny differences in temperature between objects. As long as there is some contrast between the heat of two objects, the objects will show up on a FLIR Thermal camera. Armed with the knowledge of the heat differences between objects, FLIR Thermal cameras can be used for all kinds of uses around the home. We break down some of the ways you could use your FLIR Thermal camera here:


FLIR and Plumbing

Using thermal imaging you can locate where your pipes are without lifting floorboards or cutting down plasterboard to look behind walls. Hot or cold water running through pipes will show up clearly using thermal imaging. With this knowledge you can work on your home without worrying about putting a nail through a waterpipe. You can also easily see leaks or blockages in your plumbing, meaning you can spot potential problems early, often before any visible water damage appears.


FLIR Electrical Equipment

One of the key identifiers of malfunctioning electrical equipment is that they run hot. Nearly everything that runs on electricity gets hot before it fails. With FLIR cameras you can see overloaded electrical connections, making sure your appliances are running safely and efficiently. Fixing a broken electrical connection before the component totally fails would save you hundreds in repair costs - not to mention keeping you and your family safe from the dangers of electrical fires. FLIR can also help see which appliances are running when they don't need to be - costing you money. We call appliances that slowly use up electrisity even when they're not running 'energy vampires'. Turning these appliances off could save you even more money.

Home Energy

FLIR Home Energy FLIR can help you isolate area where insulation may not be optimal, or where heat may be escaping through window seals. Finding out where heat is escaping can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill. You can also identify wet or damp areas and any potential leaks in ceilings, walls and floors before mould starts to grow. Mold can be a serious health risk for you can your family, so finding wet areas before they become a problem is important.

Personal Safety

FLIR and Personal Safety

After nightfall, you can’t see the area around your home. Unless you have security lighting, you may not know the source of noises at night. But with the FLIR one you can clearly see any intruders on your property - even if the intruder is just the neighbour’s cat. Security professionals around the world use FLIR cameras to protect homes and businesses, and with the new generation of consumer FLIR cameras you can use this same technology to protect your home

Car Evaluation

FLIR and Car Evaluation

With FLIR Thermal Cameras you can see which parts of your engine are running hotter than they should, so you can check the coolant and exhaust systems, locate any radiator leaks. Spotting problems early can save your potentially hundreds of pounds.

Pet Health and Safety

FLIR and Pet Safety

Thermal imaging is used by professional vets as a diagnosis tool. With a FLIR Thermal imager you too can keep an eye on the health of your pet by looking for any ‘hot spots’ on their skin, or checking to see if they’ve urinated anywhere without your knowledge. You can also easily find lost pets in the dark by keeping an eye out for their heat signature – cats love to hide under bushes when you’re looking for them, but they can’t hide their heat!

FLIR Thermal Cameras were once the tool of Military and Government only but as the costs of manufacturing fell FLIR introduced cameras designed and priced for everyday use – models such as the FLIR One or the FLIR Scout TK. These cameras can be purchased to aid users competing just one task, but as you can see once you have a thermal imaging camera you’ll start to find more and more uses for one.

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