It’s not always feasible to upgrade to IP cameras for your CCTV system. However, replacing cameras and DVRs with HD Analogue compatible products, CCTV systems can seamlessly upgraded to HD.


HD analog cameras can offer far better resolution than they used to. KPC cameras come in three popular HD analog formats: HD-SDI, AHD and HD-TVI. All 3 formats offer up to 1080P high definition images and transmission over traditional coaxial cable. However, all use different technogies and are not compatible with each other. So what is the difference?

Max Resolution   1080p 1080p 1080p
  1920 x 1080 px 1920 x 1080 px 1920 x 1080 px
Video Quality Score   B A+ A+
  Images not as crisp in low light Sharp images up to 1080p Sharp images up to 1080p
  Colours not as accurate True colours True colours
Transmission Coaxial Cable 488m 150m 488m
Distance (RG59)
  Twisted Pair 150m 106m* 213m
*With analog to digital converter



HD-SDI - High Definition Serial Digital Interface - is the first HD analog standard, and it uses coax cable to send video in a digital uncompressed format.


The downside is that you can only transmit video 150m before you start to encounter significant interference.


AHD - analog high definition – is designed to solve the transmission distance limitations of HD-SDI. AHD supports video transmission over traditional coaxial cable up to 500


Like HD-SDI, digital video is transmitted in a uncompressed format meaning the output is lossless, with no video latency effect. However, AHD technology does not offer the crispness that HD-SDI and HD-TVI do. The difference is slight, and varies from camera to camera, but is noticeable particularly in low light.



HD-TVI technology can enable upto 1080P resolution with long distance transmission of up to 500 meters through traditional coaxial cable. HD-TVI offers the longest transmission without signal degradation across both RG59 and CAT5 cabling, and like other analogue technologies transmits digital video in an uncompressed format meaning the output is lossless, with no video latency effect.


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