You could use the new FLIR ONE Thermal Camera for identifying water leaks, bad insulation and mould areas in your home, checking for electrical overload, tracking in the dark or electrical/mechanical testing etc. But the uses for this fantastic device go far beyond the practical.

1)      Ghost Hunting


Its well-known that Ghosts are cold. That’s why you feel a shiver sometimes when in the presence of a ghost (the shiver could be the result of a draft – also detected by the FLIR ONE – but clearly ghosts are much more likely). Using the FLIR ONE you can detect these unwanted spectres in your house with more accuracy than ever before! If you feel you’re being watched simply use your FLIR ONE to scan around the room and look for cold silhouettes – you’ve just located the ghost! Snap a picture before fleeing the building in terror.


2)      Testing the temperature of microwaved food.


How many times have you bitten directly into a delicious microwave mini-pizza, only to have the lava-like cheese burn your tongue, destroying your taste buds making enjoyment of food impossible for days? If you’re anything like us this is an almost weekly problem – until now! Using the FLIR one you can measure the heat of microwaved food and make sure it’s of a safe temperature to eat. Inversely avoid the bitter disappointment of a cold meal by checking the temperature of all your food before eating it


3)      Cheating at Hide and Seek


When it comes to cut-throat world of hide and seek, morals are for losers. Why waste your time looking for your friends with your stupid human eyes don’t even see thermal output? Just use your FLIR ONE to follow your opponent’s footprints (yes it really does work!) or see their thermal output in dark areas, through smoke/fog or behind objects. Victory is yours!



4)      Photograph everything


These days everyone photographs everything. Every event, every meal, every moment. With so many pictures it’s difficult for your photos to stand out from the crowd. But how often do your friends and family post thermal images? Using your new FLIR ONE you can be the envy of your friends by posting interesting, informative thermal images showing the world (quite literally) in a whole new light.


So what do you think? Can you think of any better uses for the new FLIR ONE? Please let us know in the comments below. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the ONE you can buy now for only £198.00 with FREE delivery. 




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