We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch day of the FLIR FX, and we’ve been impressed with what we saw. This wireless camera enables you to view what’s happening remotely using a computer or your smartphone – but that’s really only scratching the surface of what the FLIR FX offers.

As suppliers of high-end security equipment to the police and government, we’ve seen some amazing surveillance technology that could have great applications outside of these sectors. The technology was so high-end that historically it’s been out of the price range of what most of us could afford – until now!

To us, the main selling point of the FLIR FX is the amazing RapidRecap feature. When we were exhibiting in March 2015, this video attracted a lot of visitors to the stand:

It takes a minute to realise what you’re seeing, and we believe it’s because the technology is so amazing you don’t quite believe it. The system intelligently overlays hours of footage so you can view everything that’s happened in an instant. The timestamps you see on the video show when exactly that event took place. FLIR uses an example of seeing exactly how late the delivery driver is when expecting a package (which I’m sure they choose because we can all relate)

But the possibilities of this feature are fantastic. What’s the point of having a camera installed if you don’t review the footage? Previously you’ve have to skip through footage, or watch the whole thing on fast-forward to try and get a picture of the whole day. It was a time consuming task, and more than most people are willing to do after installing security cameras. Of course, the main advantage of security cameras is to review footage after a break in or other unwanted event, but you could be missing a lot during footage you don’t think you need to review.

This feature alone would be enough to impress us, but FLIR have really gone all out to make this a versatile camera. Using SmartZone Alerts you’re able to define which areas will trigger and alarm – an example FLIR gives is that you can set the camera to view a swimming pool and surrounding area, but only define the pool itself as a SmartZone. So you’ll only get an alarm if someone actually enters the pool, but not if someone just walks by. Again this is something that offers a huge range of applications.

Our final favourite thing about the FLIR FX are the housings/docks that turn this from a security camera into a much wider product range. The Dash Cam dock (for example) will automatically change the settings on the FLIR FX when its inserted. The camera will then preform all the standard features of a dash-cam, including locking a video to the memory in the event of an impact (using in-built sensors to detect a crash)

Other accessories can turn the FLIR FX into a bodyworn/sports camera or an ourdoor security sensor compete with IR for night-vison recording.


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Joe Marshall