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Nottingham Trent University are lucky enough to have a pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting on top of one of their buildings in the Nottingham City Centre. The Falcons live on a ledge of the university's Newton building and have been there for more than ten years. You can see the live feed here:

The NTU have webcams broadcasting the Falcons activity’s to the general public, and recently they’ve purchased a FLIR Thermal Camera from SURE24 to monitor the Falcons movements both day and night. As well as allowing the public to see where the Falcons are 24 hours a day, this camera is also being used to study their feeding habits.

A team at Nottingham Trent University is using the camera to investigate whether the birds are bringing freshly killed prey back to the nest or food which has been killed earlier and stored away from the nest. The peregrine is renowned for its speed while hunting, reaching 200mph during its characteristic hunting stoop (making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom). The NTU camera often captures the prey the Falcons bring to the nest, and the website even features a disclaimer that the live feed ‘may include disturbing images.’

Falcon Hunting

As Thermal Cameras don’t rely on light, they can see equally well in the night as in the day. This will allow the scientists to determine whether the peregrines are hunting at night as well as during the day.

Nottingham Trent say “It is thought to be the first time a thermal camera has been used in this way and is part of ongoing research at the university to compare the behaviour and ecology of urban and rural peregrine falcons.

It is known that rural peregrines will store food for later, especially during the winter when it is more scarce, but less is known about the feeding habits of urban peregrines which have access to a greater abundance of food.”

FLIR Thermal Cameras were once the tool of only the Police, Government and Military, but increased popularity and more efficient manufacturing methods have allowed costs to reduce significantly. Handheld devices such as the FLIR One or the FLIR Scout TK are popular devices that offer dozens of uses, and FLIRs CCTV options allow businesses or incorporate Thermal Technology into their security systems.

Esther Kettel, a researcher in the University's School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, said: "If the prey is displaying as warm on camera, we'll know that it's freshly killed, whereas cold temperatures would suggest the adult birds are caching food and returning to it later."

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