Threats of Crime, Vandalism and Terrorism are increasing and security professionals are under pressure to provide earlier warning, increase event response time, increase situational awareness and respond effectively and efficiency.

FLIR Thermal Cameras are an ideal tool to increase the security of premises and many industries around the world rely on Thermal Imaging cameras for perimeter protection.

One of the challenges for CCTV professionals is ensuring that video footage is effective 24/7, twelve months a year. Getting CCTV footage in the day is one thing; however what happens after the sun goes down? Unlike Thermal Cameras, regular CCTV cannot see in darkness, fog, rain or snow, and even in the day they may not be effective if they are blinded by the sun. That’s when FLIR Thermal Cameras can be an invaluable asset for perimeter protection.

Complexity of FLIR Thermal Fences can range from one thermal security camera and some detection/video analytics software to dozens of thermal cameras spanning miles that work with traditional CCTV cameras (or other detection methods) and that is fully integrated into your security software. With these elements, security professionals can establish a virtual perimeter, produce custom-made alarms and tripwires so that any intruders can be instantly detected and the alarm can be raised.

Solar Parks are one of the numerous industries round the world that use FLIR systems for perimeter security. Almost every solar park is in a remote location; therefore protecting them properly will be a difficult challenge challenge. One of the security corporations that are up to this challenge is Reading, UK, based Westronics Fire and Security Ltd.

"Thermal imaging cameras are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation in the infrared spectrum, which is emitted by all matter as a function of its temperature. They need no light whatsoever to function, making them perfect for night time surveillance.", explains Westronics' Managing Director Graham Miller.

FLIR have recently launched a range of traditional visable-light CCTV systems, including the FLIR MPX line. MPX cameras and DVRs offer megapixel quality over coax, meaning you can easily retrofit your existing analogue CCTV systems to HD resolution using existing RG59 & RG6 coax cables. No recabling at all is required. These cameras can be used alongside FLIR camera to provide full thermal and visible light coverage to offer unparalleled perimeter protection.

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