We’ve discussed before how you’re 50% more likely to be burgled in the winter months, but as Christmas gets closer the risks of losing valuables increase. To minimise your risk of being a victim this festive period, have a look at our Christmas safety tips.

You’ll have new and potentially expensive items in your house before and after Christmas, as you buy gifts ready to give and after Christmas with the gifts you’ve received. This makes your house much more attractive to potential thieves. Luckily, simple preventative measures can drastically reduce your chances of being burgled. SURE offer a range of security lighting, timer switches and door/window alarms to help secure your property.

You should make sure your gifts are out of sight. Most burglars are opportunistic, so keeping your valuables out of sight is a good idea. Make sure you cut up your boxes before throwing them in the bin – and don’t leave any boxes by your bin outside as this will advertise the fact that you have new, expensive products in your house.

If you’re out of the house a lot around Christmas, there are ways to make your house look occupied. Simple Timer Switches on your lights can mimic your living habits, and products like the FAKE TV can provide a convincing simulation. Timers can also be used to turn your Christmas lights on and off at specified times.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas party or two, but as always you need to take into account your personal safety, particularly when walking later at night. One of the easiest ways to improve your personal safety is by carrying a personal alarm. Contrary to what you might think, these devices are not designed to attract attention from other members of the public (although police will investigate if they hear an alarm). The main purpose of these alarms is to disorientate the attacker to give you vital seconds to get away.

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Purse bells and hooks can help you protect your valuables while out enjoying the festivities, but as always it’s best to be vigilant. Don’t leave your wallet, purse, keys, mobile or any valuable on show and don’t leave your possessions unattended.

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