We’ve discussed before how Personal Safety alarms can help increase your personal protection. An item dedicated to disorientating an attacker and alerting passes by of your distress is an invaluable tool. For added personal security, other methods can be used, and we’ve recently come across an ingenious and high-tech way to help you get home safely.

A new app has just been developed by students in the US to allow friends and family to virtually walk you home. It’s called Companion and it works like this:

  • You install the app on your phone, and register your name and phone number.

  • Add friends or family to be your Companion. They don't even need the app installed, they can follow you on a web browser.

  • When walking, driving or taking public transport you set your destination on the app and request companions to track your progress live on a map

  • If you are taken off your path, if you start to run or if your headphones are yanked out an alert will be sent to your companions. You can select ‘Yes I am okay’ on the app to cancel the alarm.

  • If anything happens you or your companion can call the police with your exact location.

  • You can also select ‘I’m feeling nervous’ to help the app map locations people may want to avoid.

The app, designed by 5 Michigan students, was built as a solution what they saw was a problem that was getting worse:

“As a team of college students, we have experienced this problem first hand on our campus. We’ve also noticed an increasing trend (or at least publicity) of students disappearing, being sexually assaulted, or murdered while walking alone late at night.”

They developed the app in only three months, and it’s now enjoying a world wide release. Find out more at http://www.companionapp.io/

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