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Nottingham is a city located in the East Midlands with a recorded population of over 330,000 in 2017 and is located approximately 128 miles north of London. Home of the legend Robin Hood, Nottingham is a tourist destination and in 2011 it was also recorded that over 1.5 billion was spent by tourists/visitors.


Nottingham City



So how safe is Nottingham?

Nottingham’s population continues to grow. 30% of the 330,000 people are between 18-29 years old and this can partially be put down to the two large university campuses located in the Nottingham area.


Between April 2016 and March 2017 there were 46,586 crimes reported in Nottingham. For the purpose of this blog, we have highlighted the top 10 which could be avoided/reduced with the use of CCTV.


  • Anti-social behavior – 15,800
  • Violence – 10,104
  • Other theft – 4,230
  • Shoplifting – 3,893
  • Burglary – 2,502
  • Vehicle – 2,412
  • Bike Theft – 946
  • Theft from person – 635
  • Robbery – 565
  • Weapons – 414


Crime Statistics



Vehicle CCTV in Nottingham

It is becoming common knowledge now that van and vehicle thefts are on the rise with a van in the UK being broken into every 23 minutes. For protecting your vehicle it is important to keep your keys in a safe place overnight, add a steering lock to your vehicle, add CCTV in this vehicle stickers (even if only as a deterrent) or implement CCTV into your vehicle for remote access to the cameras.


CCTV sticker


CCTV in a vehicle is really easy to install. Our sister company SURE Transport offer CCTV kits for your vehicle, this includes vehicles such as a car, van, emergency vehicle, taxi or small coach. The kits come in options of 2 or 4 cameras, however, we can build custom kits if needed with more cameras.


 Our kits are plug and play, you simply purchase the kit and all of the equipment can be screwed into position and the cables simply click into the back of the DVR for recording onto either a hard-drive or SD card.


Violence/Burglary/Robbery in Nottingham

When on the receiving end of violence, it is important to be prepared. Especially if the violence is ongoing or if you are putting yourself into aggressive/dangerous situations. In the UK there are six million lone workers which represent approximately 20% of the UK workforce.


Lone workers can be the target of violent crimes when working in mental health or health care generally. The Suzy Lamplugh Trust recommends the SURE24 SG390 personal alarm as part of any kit when working alone. This alarm sounds 120dB at the single push of a button which could be the difference between an attack being carried out or help being alerted.


We often supply estate agencies, support workers, nurses and many other professions along with people who jog or have to walk home at night.


Lone worker


There are many devices available on our website which can aid in the prevention of burglary, theft or attacks so if you are interested in these devices, visit

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