Buying your first drone

Are you part of the drone craze?

Drones have completely swept the country, continent and now having gone global, the world. With consumers mad about the possibility of sharing their video content from the sky without the use of a helicopter, social media surrounding drone videos has been booming.

"If there’s one thing we know, it’s that people really love visuals. This is why infographics, videos and photos do so well on social media.

Just look at how popular YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest have become! These platforms are entirely visual! And even Facebook and Twitter have jumped on the bandwagon of offering users video publishing capabilities (and even live feeds)." (Source

With your cheapest drones costing less than £20 it has never been so accessible to be part of this craze, but where does it go next? 

The history of drones

Drones having originally been used for air strikes, bomb detection, hostage negotiation, surveillance and tracing missing persons are now a popular consumer trend. 

UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are aircraft that have no on-board crew or passengers and they can be automated or remotely piloted to avoid any risk to the operator. Having been only ever used in the military as weapons or surveillance it is quite the jump to allow those casually interested in video capture and photography to be allowed to use these and it's great!

But rules for this do apply...

What are the rules when flying a drone?

If you do decide to buy a drone you may want to be aware of the rules when taking flight:

1) Register your drone with the FAA
2) Stay at least 5 miles away from any airport
3) Don’t fly more than 400 feet above the ground
4) Don’t fly over people without permission
5) Don’t fly over government facilities


What is the purpose of a drone?

There are thousands of possibilities when using a drone and all of which tend to surround video / motion capture. There may be a few ways a drone can be used that you may have not even thought of…

Real estate photography and videography – When selling a property, it is vital that you capture your home in the best light and get all of the best angles to really show off the size of the home. It is also something very unique and therefore captures a lot of attention when advertising the sale of your property.

Farming – It may come as a shock but the use of drones in the farming industry is actually more common than you would initially think. You can monitor your crops remotely and more recently drones are being used to spray crops and plant seeds… if you ever wanted to be a tech-savvy farmer, now is the best time!

Delivery – Amazon started the initiative to fly deliveries with Amazon Prime Air, but it’s not exclusive to Amazon. You may want to fly a parcel to a friends house or who knows, the future may surround drones completing all deliveries making our drivers redundant.

"If you look at your social media feed, you’ll find more and more businesses, and even people, capturing gorgeous views from way up high. Getting your hands on your own drone is quite simple, and can be an interesting way to set yourself apart from your competition. Almost everywhere you look today you can find powerful videos and images of landscapes, fields, stadiums and cities." (Source)

Conclusion - Should I buy a drone?

The answer is that these cameras continue to get better and better. The better drones are upwards of £1500 and the cameras are packed with thermal imaging, night vision, 4k quality pictures and thousands of possibilities. 

Buying a drone is down to the amount of use you can get out of it and what you are looking to use it for. It makes for a great piece of kit when hunting or just generally taking great videos. 

One of our partners (FLIR) introduced a new drone named the M200 Series which has mobile app integration, image transmission, thermal imaging technology and airborne heat detection. This is one of the best drones you can buy on the market and FLIR provide support here


FLIR M200 DJI Drone


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